Chicago Area Texas A&M Mothers’ Club

Our Club began the fall of 2018 when 7 moms found each other on “Aggie Moms and Dads of Current or New Texas A&M  Students” Facebook. Who knew there were other Aggie parents in the area?  Our Club was initiated into the Federation of Texas A&M Mothers’ Clubs September 2020. 

What began as a Chicago area club quickly grew to adopt moms from Alabama, Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Virginia, Florida, Kansas, Utah and Wisconsin.  We are 59 moms strong!

We join over 110 + Clubs across the country.  We have moms who ARE former students, moms WITH former students and moms BEGINNING their A&M journey. Come join us!

June 2- St. Louis Family Picnic, 4-7 pm

June 22- Chicago Family Picnic, 4-7pm Clarendon Hills

                                                          June 29-  St.Louis Moms’ Brunch

July 20- Chicago Moms’ Brunch

Our mission is to promote sisterhood among fellow Aggie Moms from the Chicago area.  Our club supports our Texas A&M families by providing opportunities to connect via university resources, local contacts and social networking.  Since we parent from over a thousand miles away, local connections are vital and unite us all as Aggie families.

Caring Sisters-we take care of one another through one-on-one check -ins, freshman mom/veteran mom pairings, monthly meetings Q&A.

Social Roundups– join our Saturday socials and our football watching parties.  We partner with the Chicago A&M Club.

Aggieland Awareness– we provide informative, passionate and engaging speakers at the university, student organization and federation level, bringing Aggieland into our homes.

Why join an Aggie Moms Club? Watch this Federation video.

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Enrollment Code: DC6LCBCE79862

Thanks and Gig ‘em!