2020-2021 Events

  • General Meetings held on the third Wednesday of each month from 7 – 8:30 pm. In-person + Zoom Option
  • Saturday Socials
  • Federation Aggie Moms Events

September -November– TBD Dates – Football watch parties with Chicago A&M Club

SPECIAL EVENT – Wednesday, October 6th
Paul Pausky, Associate Director, Former Student Career Services

Wednesday, September 15th General Meeting

  • Host Renee Lotz, Winfield
  • Guest: Daniela Knight from Austin, TX: Our Club’s Federation Liaison

October 9th – Howdy Care Packages

Join us to pack bountiful boxes of goodies for our Aggies to help them finish their semester strong.

Wednesday, October 20th General Meeting via Zoom

  • Guest: Gail, Janet’s sister-Job Hunting and Resume Writing Wednesday

November 13th – Hike /Outdoor Activity

Wednesday, November 17th General Meeting

  • Host: Jill Maraldo, Buffalo Grove
  • Guest: Student Organization of the Year: Engineers Without Borders

December 11th – Holiday Brunch

A wonderful time to relax and catch up with your sisterhood of moms

Winter/Spring/Summer 2022

Wednesday, January 19th General Meeting

  • Host: Virginia Wilson, Elmhurst
  • Guest: Aggie Mariachi Band

January 22nd – Coffee or TBD

342,000+ Coffee Pictures

Wednesday, February 16th General Meeting via Zoom

  • Guest: 12th Man Foundation

February 19th – Spouse Dinner

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March 4th -6th, 2022 Aggie Moms CampTexas A&M Hotel

Wednesday, March 16th General Meeting

  • Host: Catherine Buss, Downers Grove
  • Guest: Linda Edwards, Director, TAMU International Programs

Wednesday, April 20th General Meeting via Zoom – TBD

April 23rd -Chicago Muster

Wednesday, May 18th General Meeting

  • Host: Beckie Evans, Downers Grove
  • Guest: Mr. Harold Byler, Jr. ’50, Author of book “Life at Aggieland in the 40’s

June 18th – Mom’s Brunch

How to Host a Stress-Free Brunch Party

July 23rd – HOWDY Family Picnic